Hear from the experts

Our speakers are recognized leaders, academia and practitioners.  They have assisted in nurturing the industry and are leading experts in their own fields.  Our selection of speakers is rigorous to make sure you are hearing from the best.

Enhance your skills and stay updated with the latest

No matter how long you’ve been in or what position you hold at your company, chances are there is still something you need to learn. New trends, new breakthroughs in medicine, and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry happen all the time; to stay up-to-date you need an educational opportunity that provides you with the full scope of pharma knowledge.



Your attendance earns you CME points that are required towards maintaining your valuable certification.


Meet with new vendors and suppliers

Our exhibitors range from the largest to the newly formed pharma company, with special attention on engaging with partners to increase their market share. The exhibition covers products and services that are required by the pharma industry from the start of a manufacturing process to the consumer. Our exhibitors, are some of the best people you can meet and know if you want to increase your awareness of what is happening in the pharmaceuticals.  They are also very resourceful people, to connect to your business requirements, which is necessary to stay ahead of the competition.


Have fun with your peers from around the world

You will not only learn a lot in a short amount of time but also have an opportunity to relax and get to know your peers, an opportunity to collaborate, hear new ideas.  You may hear of new things that others are doing and be inspired!!!